Thanks for sending your love and good wishes regarding my accident.  My cast and the stitches on my upper lip  were removed last night, but the ones on my nose need more time to heal.  My nose is still a little swollen, but I think that will go down after a while.  Pak Ibrahim was moved to a better hospital and should be returning home soon.


I'm sure you have all heard about the bombing in Bali.  The news here is that the bomb came from somewhere outside of Indonesia, as Indonesia does not have C4.  The US embassy is encouraging Americans to leave or at least stay away from tourist areas, but they are not officially evacuating everyone yet.  So, I am going to wait until I hear more before I make a decision.  Luckily, Tuban is not a tourist area nor is it near one.  Everyone here is looking out for me and we are watching the news for more info.  Volunteers in Asia is taking necessary precautions to prepare for an evacuation. 


I will be sure to send email as the situation unfolds. 


I am focusing on the blessings of life right now and giving the wounds time to heal.  I sincerely appreciate the words of support, empathy and love I heard from all of you.  It's good to know I have so many shoulders to cry on.